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Risk Factor Monitoring System


focuses on the volatility of the index and stocks.


Stock Observation



The CriterionStar Global Stock Observation System consists of two components, risk factor monitoring analysis system and trading management system.


The risk factor monitoring system focuses on the volatility of the index and stocks and analyzes whether the volatility exceeds the margin of safety.



The trading management system is mainly used for trading of index , ETFs and stocks, options trading, stock index futures and commodity futures.


The feature of the system are the definition of long-short, the definition of transaction structure, long-short turning points, long- short lifelines, details of trading, trading stage strategy, hedging tools used in all stages of trading.


Stock Observation

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Stock Observation

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SECF has applied pioneering ideas to real-world investment trading. Our development of risk Mgt models then helped pave the way for many of the quantitative and risk management practices used industry-wide. Our Analytics research provides new understanding for investors on how markets, asset classes and individual securities are linked from a risk perspective.