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CriterionStar Global Stock Observation System are used by professional investors .


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As globalization proceeds and financial markets become ever more integrated, companies operate increasingly across multiple countries and regions, and their performance may be tied increasingly to economic and political conditions beyond their home countries.


In addition, professional investors - whether institutional, asset managers or wealth – often seek to understand unintended exposures and biases as they invest further afield.


The best way to identify such unintended effects would be to leverage an index that represents the entire opportunity set, with no gaps, no overlaps and no fixed number of constituent stocks.


CriterionStar Global Stock Observation System are used by professional investors worldwide for investment analysis, performance measurement, asset allocation, hedging and the creation of a wide range of index derivatives, funds, ETFs and structured products.


From market cap-weighted regional, country and sector indexes to indexes based on strategies such as factor investing, the Modern Index Strategy enables clients to construct and monitor portfolios in a cohesive and consistent manner, avoiding benchmark misfits and uncompensated risks.



Historical research


Historical research has shown that investment outcome success is predominately determined by the allocation decision process.


Investors are increasingly looking beyond their home market toward the full global equity opportunity set as the starting point for their investments.


Allocation decisions that start with the full opportunity set can be adjusted based on investor goals, expertise, philosophy and constraints.


Not considering the full opportunity set can introduce unintended bets and biases/risks, and can be an investment decision in itself.


Stock Observation

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SECF has applied pioneering ideas to real-world investment trading. Our development of risk Mgt models then helped pave the way for many of the quantitative and risk management practices used industry-wide. Our Analytics research provides new understanding for investors on how markets, asset classes and individual securities are linked from a risk perspective.