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We deliver research tools and outsourced services for onboarding.


Risk Management



RiskManagement Products



Defination of Indexes and equity multi-factor models


Mult-currency risk and performance analytics platorm targeting indexes,ETF, equity, commodities future and foreign currency class that enables investors to use its risk forecasting model and correlates stress test engine and performance analytics.


Trading price volatility analytics models


A scalable risk volatility framework for investors trading risk management. Powerful analytical capabilities of trading price volatility analytics models enable clients to quickly know more about the implication of trading price, set up custom reports, run ad hoc analyses, perform exception management, design stress test scenarios and conduct what-if analysis.


Methodologies for performance attribution


Sophisticated tools for consolidating and comparing risk and opportunities across entire equity.


Trading security analytics model


A service that helps investors to better manage their hedge fund investments using analytics calculated on the position-level holdings of each fund.


Portfolio trading optimization analytics model


Help wealth managers assess portfolio risk, construct asset allocation policy and create comprehensive client proposals.



Services and solutions


A highly flexible research analysis that enables clients to quickly set up custom reports and perform ad hoc analysis to identify areas of risk.


Actionable solutions provided by a dedicated team that can deliver customized reports.


Risk Management

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SECF has applied pioneering ideas to real-world investment trading. Our development of risk Mgt models then helped pave the way for many of the quantitative and risk management practices used industry-wide. Our Analytics research provides new understanding for investors on how markets, asset classes and individual securities are linked from a risk perspective.