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Giving back is our global commitment


A better world means giving back and growing together.


Our Concept



We strive to catch the risk of financial markets, enabling the investors to make better decisions.At SECFORTUNE, we seek to bring clarity and certainty to dynamic and increasingly complex financial markets.


Innovation is what we have been doing.


The impact of those innovations on global economies drives us to continue building forward. We are powered by the belief that safety of investment also means return on society, sustainability and the future that we all share. It is our important mandate to help investors make informed decisions.


Secfortune. Taking better and safe investment decisions.



Unique Advantage


Everything what we do , including our commitment to clients, shareholders and employees is much more important.We are committed to the investment sustainability and trading safety. We create innovative products and services that allow our clients to make more informed investment decisions.



Investment safety


Investors use our risk management analysis to navigate today‘s complex markets. We provide investors with critical risk management data and analytics. Through our risk management system research and applications we deliver insights, analysis and tools to support investment processes that incorporate sustainability considerations.



Independent Research


Our research team applies innovative ideas to our clients‘ most pressing challenges. Combining academic theory with practical experience, we focus on the investment safety problems across trading and strategies. Our independence enables us to focus solely on our clients‘ needs.



Continuous Innovation


As financial markets evolve, so does SECFORTUNE. We constantly innovate the research of indexes risk analysis and risk analytical models.



Data Quality


We are dedicated to ensuring that our data is accurate, reliable and relevant. We gather market data from securities market to analyse market volatility, long and short data and fundamental changes.We perform sophisticated validation and rigorous cleansing before incorporating it into our products.


The breadth, depth, and accuracy of our data is an important reason why clients choose Secfortune.



Client Service


We have an uncompromising commitment to align our business priorities with clients‘ interests.


Diversity & Inclusion

At Secfortune, diversity is an opportunity – for clients, employees and Firm.

By valuing diverse perspectives, we can better serve our clients while we help employees achieve their professional objectives.

A corporate culture that is open and inclusive is fundamental to our role as a global institution constantly striving for excellence in all that we do.

Our Concept

Professional Principles



    A broad range of strategies and transactions


SECF has applied pioneering ideas to real-world investment trading. Our development of risk Mgt models then helped pave the way for many of the quantitative and risk management practices used industry-wide. Our Analytics research provides new understanding for investors on how markets, asset classes and individual securities are linked from a risk perspective.